With the proliferation of portable audio devices, this Modern Age of Music is defined not so much by only the quality and bit-rate of the music in our pockets – MP3s, AACs or FLACs, but also, not so obviously, by the varying qualities of Digital to Analog Converters that are present in today's audio devices – Mobile Phones, MP3 players and PCs.

With the extreme variability in the quality of Audio Devices, and the quality of Audio Tracks, we no longer have full control over what we listen to, and more often than not, we do not do justice to the artists original renditions. So what can we do? At Amkette Acoustix, we recognize the challenges of modern music consumption and strive to make even the smallest adjustments in order to thrill and inspire every time you press play on your favorite artist or track. As part of the development of all Trubeats products we focus on three key areas:
- Precisely Tuned Drivers for faithful sound reproduction across the audio spectrum.
- Sound Chamber Optimizations for a bigger sound from smaller spaces.
- Superior Fit, Durability and Experience for long hours of listening from portable devices.
Amkette is committed to help you rediscover the thrill that a good sound can bring. Welcome to the world of Amkette Acoustix, where great audio meets modern sensibilities.